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At it again. Here—writing! Well if my life isn’t yielding immediate progress for my hopes, then at least I’m honoring their general direction. I take pride in my words, my voice. My contribution. My creation. It is after all the most godlike faculty we can possess—the creative impulse—which is perhaps why there is nothing closer to the experience of being like God than that of an artist.

Now arguably this could be said about just about anything: being a man or woman in relationship to another; being a communicator; being a leader; father/parent; etc, as after all, we’re made in his image. And if done with artistic zeal, so much the better—it’s in the spirit of which I speak. But perhaps nothing captures it more consciously, joyously, or in orgasmic concentrated fashion—with the full range of emotion (hope, fear, joy, sorrow, anger, ecstasy, etc)—than the one who creates. There’s just something about it. Taking these steps in a conscious and deliberate way that not only tests you; it awakens you.

I remember early hints of these experiences: finger-painting in kindergarten; in elementary school—particularly for projects in Barbara Woodbury’s class—the joy of making my own creation with my hands—colors, and shapes, and cutouts and pastes, and building of structures that began inside of me, and not just in my mind (though the original spark may have come from there), but from deeper beneath—inside my heart. En-theos—the Greek term from which we get the word, “enthusiasm.” And which literally means, “in God,” that we feel like we have God inside of us.

For those spiritually inclined who’ve embraced this concept, you know what I mean. And for those claiming more ownership for the direction of their powers (again, a very godlike quality), you still know what it means to be “entheos.” Like my very creative “I don’t believe in angels or devils” friend, Matthew. His joy shines through! Stamped by The Divine.

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