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Poets vs. Engineers

The other day I went to a networking lunch here in Orlando. It’s one of the better such meetings I’ve been to, enabling me the chance to have a few conversations of substance, and not just that sense of a whir of faces sizing me up as if to say “I wonder if you are of any value to me… Next please.”

At the end, I struck up conversation with a realtor, each of us sharing a bit of our stories—how we got to Orlando—and weathering the current economy among other things. After a time, he surprised me a bit with a couple of his comments, which he meant to be taken as compliments.

He said I had a “Zen quality” about me.

He also said I seemed “entrepreneurial.”

Perhaps they seem at odds. But taken in context, I totally tracked with him.

I had explained my love and experience of international travel, and well as living in far flung places such as Seattle and the South Pacific prior to coming to Orlando a couple years ago. And a quality of living that only comes by, well… getting out there and living.

That’s what he meant by entrepreneurial. Not afraid to experience life. And where things have not been all that, allowing the experiences to shape me for the better, nonetheless.

That’s where the Zen thing came in, contrasting what he described as my easy-going demeanor with his own edginess, which—normally taken as a good thing in business circles—he felt to be a disadvantage at times.

My new acquaintance was also talking about how he recognized a Zen demeanor does not always sit so well within the super-charged atmosphere of business circles.

Yep. I just laughed a bit, and quipped, “Poets vs. Engineers.” Or (true) entrepreneurs vs. technicians—living in tune with larger cycles and rhythms to life and not just the bottom line. Or artists vs. business people… Name your cliché; you get the point.

Of course, each has their place. But try telling that to the guy or gal who’s convinced that theirs is the most important thing in the world. Ever. Now let me charge you $500 for that advice. Or if I’m an artist, will you pay me peanuts for this thing of beauty now so that one day you can brag to your friends when it’s worth a $1000?

Beauty will save the world

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The Broken Truth

I’m no poet. But sometimes I will do something like this in response to a creative writing prompt for my Morning Pages…

“The Broken Truth”

Where do the broken places go,

When all hope seems removed?

Pushed beyond rightful limit,

To a life in exile,

Yet always hoping for return.

But stubbornly stealing through dark shadows

Of time and circumstance until someone says,

“Come out of there.”


Where do the broken places go,

When the world they knew no longer exists?

And a return represents a start over,

More frightening than hopeful.

When all’s not right with the world.

Where “new” means from the ground up,

Not just some cosmetic touch.


Fitting that the ground would be broken

For this new thing to take place.

I guess that’s how it naturally happens,

I just never knew it would hurt so much.


So I’m looking around and beginning to wonder

At the life taking shape—

How it looks different than the one I once imagined,

And how the “how” of change does, too.

But that’s not all bad.

It’s just a view from a far different place,

With a far different feel than the map I was given.

Like some “Greetings from the Grand Canyon” postcard

That—while inspiring—does little to tell the true story.


So where do the broken places go

(Because they do have to go somewhere)?

They can either stay stuck, imprisoning their holders

To years of chaos and woe,

Or… they can be found, looked at, and invited in,

Actions that are grounding—and make a soul.

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